Why? -$27,281.44 Paid, $58,026.63 Till Pay Off

As of February 17, 2015, here’s the damage I have caused myself financially:

student loans.jpg

So why am I disclosing my financial situation on social media? Well, I’ve been inspired by another blogger, Joe Mihalic who accomplished the incredible feat of paying off 90k in student loans. He displayed a great amount of discipline and financial prowess while budgeting. You guys should check out his blog, it is called “No More Harvard Debt“. I have also failed to mention that Mr. Mihalic paid his debt in full after 10 months, awesome right!?

Not exactly… being a Harvard grad who earns six figures plus bonuses annually won’t make many sympathetic.  He described his salary in his own words as “modest” in comparison to his peers in banking lol. In my opinion, he deserves everything he has gotten out of life. To have a degree from Harvard, Joe is undoubtedly very intelligent and driven. Please understand everyone, I am proud of him and not the type to sip on Haterade.

However, I am someone who may never see a six figure salary. I have also worked minimum wage jobs for the first two years of loan repayment while significantly decreasing my loan principal balance. This blog will serve as encouragement to the “Average Joes” out there, no pun intended, who struggle to find gainful employment as I have.

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