Happy Holidays Ya’ll!: $33,211.73 Paid, $52,096.34 Till Pay Off

Freshly baked cookies, sights of poinsettias and strings of lights everywhere. One thing’s for sure, the holidays are upon us. It is so hard to stay on budget as friends and family make plans to visit you during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is more difficult for me as my birthday falls in the month of November and my wife’s in January.

Adding to my wallet’s cries for help is my wife’s pleasure in giving gifts. It’s difficult telling your wife no, as the saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life”. So at this wonderful time of year, our family must first address necessities then desires. Below is my holiday budget with a few updates.

Holiday Budget

The most noticeable updates are the items listed under “Christmas Vacation”, “Rent” and “Utilities”. I know, I know, I realize a vacation is a desire and not a necessity. I figured my wife could use a nice vacation after a grueling year of grad school. Rent has increased after my wife and I decided to live on our own again.

We certainly miss the voluntary $400 rent payments, free washing, drying and electricity. Now our rent is still modest at $675.00.  Utilities average out at about $155 monthly which includes internet, water, sewage, and electricity.  We stream all our favorite television shows and use a digital antenna box for local news.

Another change to the budget has been an increase in health insurance.  We always feel warm and fuzzy inside after insurance premiums increase, while actual services provided decrease.  Lastly, we receive a nice discount off the cell phone bill through my employer.

Well that’s all for this post, on to enjoying the holiday festivities.  Leftover pumpkin pie is calling my name to get in my belly.  The next blog will cover my personal experience with credit.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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