To Move or Not to Move? That is the Question: $31,650.79 Paid, $53,657.28 Till Pay Off

To Move or Not to Move...Sup ladies and gentlemen! For eleven glorious months my wife and I lived with her parents. It was a pretty sweet arrangement, $400 monthly rent and even free meals. The best thing, we were never asked or pressured for money. We believed that as adults we should contribute when living with others, especially family. I really appreciate them for the sacrifice they made to make us feel at home.

But there comes a time a man must stand on his own and provide for his family. So we loaded up the U-Haul and moved once again. Before we moved in with parents, our last apartment was on the 3rd floor. Now we live on the first floor, which made moving less stressful for me but not for my wife who is still busy with school.

Not to complain, but this is a blog so welcome to my life. We are happy to be back on our own but it has come at the price of discomfort. Right after we signed our lease we noticed mold, faulty electrical outlets and a broken a/c unit lol. We took care of the mold with a little bleach and maintenance fixed the outlets and a/c after two months of our move-in.

Now, the two busted outlets weren’t too big of a deal. However, a/c is a must living in Texas. We had some hot nights as temperatures reached 85 degrees Fahrenheit. For two months we called maintenance who would send someone to our apartment to leave annoying notes. One note from maintenance read, “You must keep a/c on all day at 75 degrees to cool apartment down”. REALLY? I don’t know how to use an a/c unit? Whatever.

After much frustration and more sweaty nights we finally called the property manager. The manager was nice and got the job done the same day she heard from us. She even gave the maintenance workers a good talking to. Now with everything fixed, we are slowly getting back to normal and can finally sleep comfortably at night woohoo!

With the recent move, my wife and I have had to develop a new budget. It is available below for your viewing pleasure. Finally, stay tuned for the next blog edition, not sure on a title just yet.

 September Spent Budget Remaining/Over
Groceries $204.95 $200.00 $4.95 OVER
Gas $110.00 $190.00 $80.00 LEFT
Restaurants $50.00 $170.00 $120.00 LEFT
Fast Food $22.17 $90.00 $67.83 LEFT
Clothing $0.00 $70.00 $70.00 LEFT
Coffee Shops $0.00 $20.00 $20.00 LEFT
Movies $0.00 $10.00 $10.00 OVER
Student Loans $805.02 $805.02 $0.00 LEFT
Rent/Utilities $864.00 $1000.00 $136.00 LEFT
Cellphones $83.94 $100.00 $16.06 LEFT
Car Insurance $45.76 $45.76 $0.00 LEFT
Health Insurance $215.00 $215.00 $0.00 LEFT
Total $2400.84 $3138.56 $737.72 LEFT

2 thoughts on “To Move or Not to Move? That is the Question: $31,650.79 Paid, $53,657.28 Till Pay Off

  1. Congratulations on the move! Independence is great. Sorry to hear about the troubles. I started using Every Dollar app and it has really helped me stay on budget. It’s free! Looking forward to next blog.


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