Life After Student Loan Debt: $85,308.07 Paid

Debt Freedom

It has been one year and eighteen days since I have been student loan debt free. I imagined my life being much happier not having to budget for payments to student loan servicers. But let’s visit the past… my life after graduating from college in 2010 started off awesome as I made the best decision of my life-I married my best friend. However, marital bliss did not last long as Nelnet, Fedloan, ACS, and University Accounting Services demanded much of my paycheck.

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My student loan payoff struggle lasted 8 years, 9 months, and 7 days. It was difficult working multiple jobs that didn’t pay much. My ego took a hit in knowing I did not earn enough to provide for my wife; making matters worse, my jobs involved working overnight. Somehow, someway the Lord in his mercy allowed me to keep my sanity.

The Struggle Was Real

So there I was, a recent college graduate and life was just not working out. Thankfully it’s been 11 years since the initial haymaker life dealt me. It’s hard to believe somedays I graduated 11 years ago and for a very long time I despised my education. I was embarrassed to ever mention my degrees as I had little to show for them except debt and minimum wage jobs. By the way, minimum wage in Texas is $7.25, a far cry for what is purported for earnings for degree holders.

Feast your eyes on a chart below provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics for the year of 2017. Supposedly, someone with master’s degree is to earn about $1,400 weekly. ***For the unemployment rate figures I have supplied the link (Source) to that information in the link below the chart.***


However, from 2011 to 2013, I earned just under $500 a month; and from 2013-2016, my monthly earnings were about $1,600 monthly. Don’t get me wrong, by no means is this post meant to be a gripe, moan, and groan session. The purpose of No Debt But Love is to inspire the next generation to avoid student loans at all costs and to encourage those with student loan debt to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

The purpose of this post is the reminder that although we have plans for a better life and future, life happens and things get ugly fast. Oh… have you forgotten? Let me remind you.

COVID-19 & Change of Heart

Let’s be real, I didn’t daydream about paying off my student loans and then witness friends and family need stimulus checks a month later. I remember a classmate not so long ago told me, “Don’t get upset if student loans are forgiven right after paying yours off.” I really didn’t think much of his statement because I figured, “If I can pay off my debt, then why can’t everyone else? I made sacrifices and paid it off, now you do the same!”

In my humble opinion, our apathy is what is causing the world so much pain. Although I have paid my student loan debt, I must remain concerned for others who are in this situation. The same is true for example, when showing support to someone who discloses their struggles with cancer. You wouldn’t dare respond to the news with, “I beat cancer, so you can too” this response would be outrageous.

Student loans threaten to derail and often destroy the financial lives of young people. Currently, the U.S. president is considering options to make student loan debt cancellation a reality. To be honest, I am happy student loan debt is discussed in the news more often now. I pray we all listen in a nonjudgmental manner during the next student loan debt story we hear. Until next time everyone!  Stay strong…💪 fight on…🥊💥🥊 and have no debt but love! Peace 🕊️ and Blessings🙏🏻.

4 thoughts on “Life After Student Loan Debt: $85,308.07 Paid

  1. When my wife taught at a Major University, it was surprising how many kids not only expected to walk into $100,000 a year jobs, but actually demanded they walk into $100,000 a year jobs. Never mind that there degree was in 13th Century Guitar Making…they expected to be welcome with open arms and checkbooks. She now teaches at a Major Vocational College, where kids are getting degrees/certificates in Welding, Nursing (and other medical fields), A/C repair, Carpentry…and guess what? These kids are getting hired at $80 an hour BEFORE they even finish (with offers to pay off their 2 year debt). A college degree and the loans that go with it are no longer the reward they used to be. Having a usable skill is much more practical. I have never had to hire for the services of a Communications major, but damn, I have had plumbers come over and gouge my wallet like money grew on porcelain.

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    • Sad but true, plumbers make a killing. My bachelor’s degree in business didn’t help much back then either🤣🤣🤣. I’m glad the Lord got me out of the struggle through grit. I hope to never forget the pain as it helps me identify with those down on their luck whatever the issue. I can’t thank the Lord enough for my happy ending. Great work your wife is doing getting students in high paying careers.

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