Why You Should Pay Off Your Student Loans Early

Hello and thank you for stopping by to support No Debt But Love! This site represents a movement to live out Romans 13:8 as we leave no debt outstanding, but the continuing debt to love one another. This means we will pay off all our debts: student loans, home mortgages, car loans, and credit cards.

My personal struggle has been student loans as I have been on this repayment journey for 8 years. I would like to recognize a supporter of No Debt But Love. She is a fellow YouTuber and blogger. Her name is Mary, and her YouTube channel is called “A Merry Life, On A Budget”. Check out the links to her channel and her blog below.
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This blog entry will feature a friendly critique of an article I came across titled, “Why You Might Not Want to Pay Off Your Student Loans Early” published by the Motley Fool. Here’s the link below. have also featured this article in a previous post.

The first reason the article gives for not paying off loans early is due to borrower protection and the possibility of getting debt forgiven after 10 years of public service.
However, 99% of applicants for student loan forgiveness are denied. This prospect doesn’t sound promising. Here’s support of my perspective provided by Forbes below.

The 2nd reason…The interest rates on your student loans may be lower than other debt. In my frame of reasoning, debt is the amount you owe to someone else. If any debt you have accrues interest, this means compound interest is working against you and not for you. Lord forbid you experience a layoff, resulting you to defer payments.

The 3rd Reason…You could potentially earn a better return on your money by investing it. Whenever you invest there is risk associated with financial instruments we choose to purchase. Usually, the greater the rate of return, the greater the risk you subject yourself to. It would be wise to consider the opportunity costs should you choose to invest as opposed to not investing.

The fourth and final reason…You’ll be giving up a tax deduction (if you qualify.) To this I would say, why hold on to debt to get a tax deduction? If you are a high-income earner and or owe a substantial amount of debt, the $2,500 would either phase out or wouldn’t make much of a difference. Wouldn’t it be better to have your student loan debt paid off and not have interest payments to make?

This concludes this blog post. What do you think? Should you pay off student loan debt early or on the 10-year standard repayment plan? As for me, I hope to have my student loan debt paid around this time next year, concluding 9 years of torture lol. video… Well until next time everyone… Stay Strong… Fight On… and have No Debt But Love, Peace and Blessings.

A YouTube video corresponding to this blog post is in the works! Stay tuned!

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